The Specialists in Vineyard and Battlefield Tours
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The Specialist in Vineyard and Battlefield Tours  


Transport and Accommodation.

We specialise in tours for small groups, tailored to your own particular interests and travel and accommodation requirements. We can organise transport from a point which is convenient for you such as any of the Channel ports, airports or stations in Paris, Brussels, Amiens or Lille. If we manage your travel then wherever possible we will use hire cars from reputable international firms. Alternatively you may prefer to provide your own transport and to be accompanied by our guide. We can meet you at any location.

We can book your accommodation to suit your particular needs. On the other hand you may prefer that you organise your own hotels. For these reasons we do not offer a standard package of tours and price lists. Everything we do is personalised to meet your needs.

About our Battlefield Tours

We offer four types of battlefield tour. These are our popular In the Steps of … , General Battlefield Tours, Themed Tours, and Walking Tours.

Many of our guests have specific interests such as the Australians on the Somme, a particular regiment or unit, soldiers from their town or village, or a member of their family. We call these tours ‘In the Steps of …’ For guests such as these we are happy to propose itineraries based on their needs. If necessary we can conduct whatever background research is necessary.

Our General Battlefield Tours are less specific. First-time visitors to the battlefields will find them particularly attractive. They include tours of one or more of the main battlefields of the Western Front such as the Somme, Ypres, Loos, Arras, Mons, Cambrai, Le Cateau, the Retreat to the Marne, Champagne, Verdun, or the Vosges. Some of these destinations, such as Champagne and the Vosges can be combined with one of our vineyard trips.

OTTT offers a unique portfolio of Themed Tours which have developed from our specific interests and expertise. No other touring company offers these. Our themed tours include: Behind the Lines during which we study the experiences of British soldiers trapped behind German lines. Our Shot at Dawn tour focuses on the fate of some of the 306 British and about 700 French soldiers executed by their side. The Ernst Jünger tours follow the life and times of the best-selling author of ‘Storm of Steel’. Our Walking Tours can be of any duration and take in those areas which interest you. They are ideal for guests with an interest in the Western Front and hiking. Popular centres include Albert, Ypres, Lille, Arras, Cambrai, St. Quentin, Verdun and Munster.

Of course guests may want to ‘pick and mix’ : for example, a day of Shot at Dawn, a day Behind the Lines and a day on the Somme battlefield. We can propose a portfolio designed to meet your particular needs.


Hedley at Prowse Point CWGC, Ypres House at Pozières, The Somme Imperial War Grave Commission Cemetery Signs, The Lille Gate, Ypres Menin Gate, Ypres
Monument to April 1917 French Offensives, Champagne Two British Soldiers Shot at Dawn