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The Specialist in Vineyard and Battlefield Tours  


Gastronomic tours are new to Over The Top Tours, in response to our customers' requests, and we are pleased to be working with a top European gourmet who has traveled around much of the world. 

Wine of course makes the natural accompaniment to food, and our gourmet will lead you to areas of France where you can follow the trail from the field to the table, whether it be lamb, cheese, claret or champagne. Local produce are the key words, and our professional guide mingles your enjoyment with an upbeat and humorous attitude.

Here are some ideas to whet your appetite. But YOU are in charge, YOU state your preferences and our guide will do everything in his power to give you and your group the time of your life. We are also in touch with Italian and Spanish sites. For all further information, please contact us.

CHAMPAGNE — FOOD AND WINES - Discover the prime Champagne area around Epernay and Reims in the hands of food and wine experts.  You will visit contrasting Champagne producers and you will be able to discuss with the proprietors their winemaking philosophies, and you will see at first hand the complexities of producing the greatest of sparkling wines. 

Local chefs will also tell you just what it is that they look for in a happy marriage between fine food and such a fickle wine. 

BURGUNDIAN TREATS - Come and explore what makes the Burgundy region the delight of gourmets the world over.  Famous primarily for its fine Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines as well as for its hearty meats and cheeses, this area offers memorable experiences to those who like the best. 

Visit food producers, go behind the scenes at top restaurants and pick up culinary tips along the way. Wine tasting at some top domaines is also an obligatory part of the schedule! You will not be disappointed.

THE RICHES OF SOUTH WESTERN FRANCE - Herbs, lavender, spices, truffles, cassoulet, olive oil and Cahors, Gascony, Roussillon wines… the list goes on like a lexicon of hedonistic appreciation. We can go as far north as Bordeaux but normally visit the old town of Périgord, taking in the charms of the local market, talking to local organic farmers and chefs. Feast your senses with great wholesome cuisine and magical scenery — you have much to discover.

THE LOIRE, BRITTANY  AND THE VENDEE - The west coast of France provides an eclectic feast of goodies including the original brioches, oysters, shellfish, snails and cheeses galore as well as "Agneau pre-salé", lamb that has been reared on salty grass close to the coast  - to name but a few delicacies. There is a huge diversity of wines from France's longest river, the Loire. Our guide will take you behind the scenes at top restaurants and you will meet fishermen and farmers and "vignerons" who will enthuse you with their passion.



The lush gardens of Lafite The revamped Quai des Chartrons Cabernet Sauvignon grapes at Pichon Traditional racking at Lynch Bages